Virtual numbers for Telegram

One-time numbers for registration/verification

How to register a Telegram account using a one-time virtual number?

  1. Getting a virtual number: You will need a virtual phone number. Here are the instructions for obtaining a number for Telegram in our service:
    1. Register for 🔒 our website.
    2. Top up your balance.
    3. Select the country in which you want to buy a number.
    4. Select the Telegram service.
    5. Click the button 📱 Get a number.
    6. Use it to register on Telegram.
  2. Installing Telegram: If you do not yet have the Telegram application, install it by downloading it from one of the links:
  3. Registration in Telegram: Launch the Telegram application and click on the “Start” button. Enter the virtual phone number you received in the first step.
  4. Number confirmation: Telegram will send an SMS with a verification code to your virtual number. Enter this code in the Telegram application.
  5. Completing registration: Once your number is confirmed, you will be able to complete the registration process by entering your name and adding a profile photo if you wish.

Please note that some virtual numbers may not work with Telegram, as they may be blocked for spam purposes. If you encounter a problem, try using a different virtual number or service.

Virtual numbers for Telegram